I hope that everybody is doing well and staying healthy. Resource Computer Solutions continues to provide essential services to our clients and support them to address the challenges that each day brings. The new rhythm of the day includes watching briefings, webinars, and researching all the latest work-related recommendations and restrictions being imposed at the federal, state, and local levels. In addition, as a small business, I want to make sure that I’m aware and utilizing all the programs available to small businesses to help us all get through this crisis.

A number of businesses are reporting the benefits of employees working from home. Video conferencing, VPNs, and other online tools allow employees to remain productive and complete the critical tasks to keep a business functioning. However, the need for immediate IT support is becoming more important in our new work reality. Employees don’t have the same type of direct access to their co-workers, mentors, and supervisors. They are experiencing various forms of isolation at home. Their work comes to a screeching halt when they need support, and it isn’t readily available. Have a conversation with your client manager to discuss the best approach to supporting your remote workforce to ensure that employees can work effectively. Not all employees are familiar with working with a helpdesk over the phone but find it invaluable once they understand that they have remote support available to them and how to access it. The CDC has expanded and released new guidelines for businesses.

The CDC recommends, and many counties are now ordering, the use of masks any time we are out in public. Please make sure to share any guidelines that your business or industry has implemented, in addition to what the CDC and counties have put in place so that we can ensure that we comply during our onsite visits.

We will continue to post links on our site for small businesses, https://www.resourcecomputer.com/covid-19-update/. This coming week your client manager will be sending a document for you to use with your employees to help them understand how to keep business systems and data secure with so many working remotely.

I pray that this weekend each of you can get some rest and connect with family and friends. I know that I’m looking forward to a virtual Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday with my family.

Tim Coates Chief

Executive Officer