Resource Computer Solutions provides a full-range of IT services from maintenance to proactive IT consulting. Custom IT solutions are aligned with the vision and strategy for each of our clients. Listening to our clients and getting to know the culture of their business is at the core of our approach to providing exceptional customer service. Going above and beyond is what makes RCS truly stand out from the crowd and what has allowed us to develop our own distinct methodology for providing custom solutions that adapt with the business.

Effective IT
Most of our clients engage with our proactive IT business experts to stay ahead of the rapidly changing IT landscape.

Combine personal attention with our powerful maintenance programs and tools designed to detect problems. Effective IT solutions uncover threats before they have opportunity to create expensive and inconvenient downtime.

Efficient solutions
RCS understands that the right solution takes into consideration numerous factors: company culture, personnel, budget, infrastructure, facilities, and more. We take pride in our ability to provide one-stop computer services for small businesses. As we develop our relationship with your business we are able to provide and implement efficient solutions. RCS will get to know your business and work with you to make solid IT decisions that are appropriate and move your business forward.

Exceptional service
Our goal is to understand how you manage your business so we will provide knowledgeable, accurate, and valuable recommendations that save you time, money, and aggravation. Our completely customized solution will be designed specifically for you and your company.

Certified technicians

Wanting only the best for our clients, Resource Computer Solutions employs certified technicians who are fully qualified to handle any and all of our client’s problems and resolve them as efficiently as possible!

Remote support

Virtual assistance connect wise

Partners and certifications

Resource Computer Solutions has built strong partnerships with the top hardware, software, and service providers in the world. These relationships allow RCS to design the best solutions available for our clients.