Microsoft’s Skype for Business is the same communication platform that many people are accustomed to but with some additional features to support your business. This is a great option for those who are already using Skype because the platform operates in the same way.

Stay connected to your team by logging into your Office 365 account at to download Skype for Business;

In your App Settings Select Office 365>Software>Skype for Business>Install>Run Download>”Yes” to confirm.

Once you have successfully installed Skype for business through your Office 365 account, simply close the installer box and launch your new application to get started!

Now that you are ready to meet with your co-workers or business partners you will need to add Contacts by their Name and email address. To save time;

Login to your Admin Center>Skype for Business>Organization>External communications.

Security is a priority when conducting business on a video-conferencing application. Utilize Microsoft’s “industrial-strength” security with Windows Firewall.

Schedule a meeting through your Outlook Calendar;

Click New Skype Meeting>Add attendees from your Contacts>fill in a subject/agenda>choose a date/time>Send.

Be sure to use the Scheduling Assistant to check everyone’s availability. Also, prepare everyone who is attending the meeting by attaching documents to the invite.

Some meetings do not require a predetermined date and need your immediate attention. If this is the case you can host a spontaneous meeting;

Click the Meetings tab>Meet Now>invite the person from your Contacts.

If you do not already know your attendee’s schedule you can see their availability by the icon next to their name. They can either be available, busy, away. Use this to respect your co-workers or business partner’s new work schedules.

The new features make Skype for Business a great communication platform for those who are familiar with Skype. Microsoft has since expanded Teams into a communication and collaboration application that is replacing Skype and Skype for Business. It is a personal preference for you and your business about which option works best for your operations.