First and foremost, I hope that everybody is doing well and staying healthy. Resource Computer Solutions continues to care for our clients and provide the services that you depend on.

During the last few weeks, we have seen more changes in procedures and protocols than ever before. Companies with solid infrastructure and business continuity plans have been able to make the transition without too much interruption. The need to monitor and maintain your infrastructure and technology systems is critical in moving through this crisis. It is encouraging to hear how many of these changes are allowing companies to keep their business moving forward and the positive impact these changes will have when they return to regular operations.

However, with all these new protocols there are also new cyber-attack vectors. Cybercriminals are looking for potential targets as companies are updating their operating procedures. If you have not completed a cybersecurity evaluation and implemented best practices, now is the time to put that towards the top of your list. With many employees working from home the same cybersecurity principles that apply when they are in the office must be implemented from their remote workspaces. There are additional considerations to be evaluated which address these new risks with employees accessing data from home. We have posted some guidelines for remote workers to help mitigate these risks, but every company is unique and may have additional security needs to maintain security and compliance.

It is probably going to take a couple of weeks before technology items are more readily available. It is difficult to find new hardware, especially items that are critical for working from home, like laptops. If your business needs any hardware let your client manager know and we will do everything we can to track down the equipment.

With many offices sitting empty or with fewer employees the need for a protective watch over businesses has increased. There are camera systems designed to notify you when they pick up movement and have live video accessible from any of your devices, like your phone. We have put together solutions ranging from inexpensive and temporary to something more permanent to provide remote video of your office.

We continue to post resources on our website to assist our clients with all the changes and challenges that the COVID-19 situation has created.

Tim Coates

Chief Executive Officer