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Workplace Health Protocols that Go Beyond the Pandemic

This past year introduced us to new technology and work strategies that are here to stay.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic businesses responded quickly to protect their employees and the community. Remote work replaced the office seemingly overnight and communication platforms rose to the challenge of supporting teams who were fortunate to maintain operations with the work-from-home model. As businesses reopened or continued operations in compliance with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and local safety guidelines, the priority of everyone was – and, is – health safety and security.

How you monitor your team’s health and store that information requires an efficient and accurate system. As we saw with the transition to remote work earlier this year, technology makes health safety and security possible. Let’s dive into what new tools and strategies improved operations amidst the pandemic that are here to stay!

Communication and Collaboration Platforms

2020 became the year of virtual… everything! Work and play saw the rise of communication and collaboration platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to keep us all connected despite the shutdowns and safety guidelines.

Although transitioning to remote work was a challenge, many companies found that it expedited their employee’s experience with technology designed to streamline work operations. We are all extremely well versed in participating in meetings and collaborating on projects without even being in the same room. Use these new experiences to improve your ability to adapt.

Due to the uncertainty of the virus, teams have learned how to get the job done in entirely new and unexpected ways. Remain open to new technology that improves your team’s ability to stay productive amidst adversity and continue using platforms that have improved your operations.

Update Your Policies

If you haven’t already updated your company policies regarding work-from-home security it is time to call HR. Too many companies sent their employees home to work remotely and forgot to implement additional cybersecurity policies and procedures. This is understandable; however, working-from-home places more responsibility on employees to secure their devices and be vigilant about protecting personal and company data.

If you are unsure about what to include in your new company policies contact us at RCS and we can help you implement the policies and procedures to keep your company data secure and remain in compliance with industry standards.

Health Safety and Security

Your team’s heath is important. This sentiment will not fade even as we overcome COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic there was less emphasis on monitoring your employee’s health and there were certainly less resources. A customized solution that involves healthy practices and the right technology will continue to prioritize your team’s health. RCS can implement and manage advanced health safety and security technology to keep your employees safe from potential health risks.