About Kryptos

Kryptos is an art sculpture located at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Three decades have passed since Jim Sanborn designed the piece, and parts of it remain unsolved today. “It is considered to be one of the most famous unsolved codes of the world,” according to cryptologist Elonka Dunin. It is not surprising that an art sculpture built 30 years ago with a message that remains hidden today has become so infamous, especially when our very own National Security Agency (NSA) has also made attempts to solve the code.

Your Cryptography Challenge

Complete the cryptography challenge by messaging Tim Coates the three known clues about Kryptos in their encrypted form. Visit The Kryptos Wikipedia page and scroll to the section titled “Clues Given for Passage 4” to find the answers.

Clue #1: ?

Clue #2: ?

Clue #3: ?

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Just for Fun

If you want to learn more about the mysterious sculpture watch this video: