Provide health and safety measures that give your employees the confidence that they deserve as they return to the office. The last few months have been full of changes—but one thing is certain— your employees’ safety is the most important consideration while making this transition. If returning to the office, or reopening, seems impossible due to the severity of health and safety guidelines and the frequency of updates that emerge during this time check out Resource Computer Solutions’ Business Owner’s COVID-19 Guide to help simplify your response to this next phase.

Create a COVID-19 task force

Distribute responsibilities evenly throughout a select group comprised of employees and supervisors who will oversee assignments related to COVID-19 that affect your business. Include workers from different departments that will easily transfer their talents to the COVID-19 task force.

Your COVID-19 task force is responsible for:

  • Communication – Effective communication is essential to employee safety. Be sure that everyone is informed about new health and safety policies and procedures. Additionally, those in charge of communication are the point-of-contact for employees who have concerns about health and safety procedures in the office.
  • Policy – Adjust company policies according to developments articulated by authorities such as federal, state, and county officials as well as the CDC and OSHA.
  • Supplies – Gather and distribute supplies (masks, gloves, hand sanitizing stations, hand washing stations, sanitizing wipes, and cleaning supplies).

Communicate with the team

Safely communicate new policies through email and host virtual meetings with your team to provide employees a chance to be a part of the conversation before returning to the office. Encourage employees to voice their concerns especially as it pertains to health and safety procedures that are in place to protect your office from infection.

Those in charge of communication within the COVID-19 task force will initiate meetings about procedures and implementation. All policies that require employee compliance should be distributed by these team members. Team members responsible for communication are also the point of contact for employees who have concerns about the health and safety protocols being implemented. These concerns must be taken seriously and communicated to the appropriate supervisor or manager with discretion.

Informative posters that outline health and safety best practices such as social distancing, proper hygiene, and other helpful safety information encourages office workers to keep themselves and others safe within the office.

Communicate health and safety best practices through training materials that educate and assess your team’s knowledge. In Resource Computer Solutions’ COVID-19 Employee Training your team will learn what COVID-19 is, how it is spread, and how to stop the spread at work.

COVID-19 Preparedness Training (HyperDoc)

Policy changes

There are new policies that need to be written in your employee handbook to address orders made by federal, state, and county officials that affect your business. Include additional information under your workplace safety section, or make amendments to existing protocols, within your employee handbook. Additional changes should also be made to company health insurance coverage and sick leave whether it is an employee who becomes infected with COVID-19, someone they live with, or if an employee must take time off to care for someone who is ill.

It is important to stay up-to-date regarding new orders that are put into effect that aim to protect individuals from COVID-19. Team members in charge of making policy changes should stay informed about health and safety measures by researching daily developments pertaining to COVID-19.

Gather supplies and materials

Beneficial health and safety measures require additional disinfectant and protective supplies. Keep your office stocked with these essentials and learn which distributors you can rely on throughout the year.

Supply checklist:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitizer (containing 60% or more alcohol)
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Soap and water
  • Cleaning products
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Non-contact infrared thermometer

Your team is unique and deserves a personalized solution – especially when it comes to health and safety procedures. New technology is being implemented to screen employees and customers before entering the workplace. Resource Computer Solutions can implement, manage, maintain, train, and support the technological systems necessary to implement your COVID-19 protocols and procedures. We will work with your COVID-19 compliance team to implement the solutions that best fit your needs.

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Work together

Every office faces different challenges when it comes to keeping employees and clients safe from COVID-19. Implement required measures to protect the health of your office and communicate the protective actions that are being taken to ensure your employees of their safety at work. Be flexible with those who express concerns, and strive to meet their safety needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to other businesses and leaders in your community to learn more or provide assistance to others. It is encouraging to witness the strength of communities and businesses when we all work together.