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Customer Centric

Resource Computer Solutions provides IT services and solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs. Driven to resolve any and all issues our clients have means that RCS will customize everything in order to bridge the gap between the business vision and IT performance for our client and their business! Going above and beyond with services from maintenance to proactive IT consulting is what makes RCS truly stand out from the crowd and what has helped us to develop our own distinct method known as the RCS Way.

Effective IT
Most of our clients utilize our powerfully proactive IT business experts and maintenance programs that are designed to detect problems with your systems before they create expensive and inconvenient down time.

Efficient Solutions
We also provide other computer solutions such as network security, remote backups, and performance optimization. Our clients consistently tell us that our most valuable and efficient IT service is consulting. We get to know your business and can help you make the right decisions about Internet Access, telephone systems, cable and wireless options, hardware purchasing, software implementation or anything that relates to information technology within your company. We proudly provide one-stop computer services for small businesses in the Ontario, Rancho, Pomona, Claremont, Upland, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and Riverside Southern California areas.

Excellent Service
The RCS Way allows for relationships to develop between you and us and increase efficiency. You will get to know all of our business experts and we will get to know you and the way you run your business. We will provide knowledgeable, accurate, and valuable recommendations that save you time, money and aggravation that has been completely customized just for you and your company.

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Certified Technicians

RCS Certified Technicians

Wanting only the best for our clients, Resource Computer Solutions will guarantee to provide fully qualified and certified technicians so that they may be able to handle any and all of our client's problems and resolve them as efficiently as possible! This is just part of the RCS Way and part of our mission to guarantee complete ease and satisfaction.

Partners and Certifications
Partners and Certifications
RCS Partners and Certifications