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Your web site is your business card on the Internet!

Managing and creating a website for your business can be an intensive and time-consuming process. From keeping up with current online standards and trends, to being able to create a website that simply looks good and functions as it should. Not to mention that design is something that if overlooked can be fatal to your site. Design and function are but two sides of the same coin. Without a good and intuitive design your site will be hard to navigate and deter away onlookers that won’t want to take more then a few seconds to find what they want. However without the function of properly working links and mobile friendly versions of your site, onlookers will become frustrated and leave. You want it to look as good as possible and say everything that you want it to in a creative and efficient way. We can help you make that happen and provide for you the best possible online representation of your business. Let the RCS team handle the design and creation of your site for you. We will get to know you and your business so that your site will represent exactly who you and your business are and also function in a user friendly way to entice and attract more viewers and potential clients.

RCS provides website planning, implementation, and maintenance services for a wide variety of businesses and schools. We customize our services to fit the needs of your project and budget. We specialize in creating sites using Content Management Systems (CMS) to help you keep your site up to date with current information simply and effectively.

If you already have a site that you are looking to update, we can help you evaluate your site and see if it is meeting your goals. If it isn’t, we can help you come up with a plan to meet realistic goals that fit within your budget.

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