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We can repair or replace just about any piece of hardware or peripheral!

Not all of our clients elect our Managed Services Program. Those that do have experienced a reduced need for hardware repair or maintenance services. But for anyone that experiences a problem with any computer, peripheral or network device, RCS can provide repair and computer solutions services. Most of the time, this is how we are able to introduce our managed IT services to you and to begin building the trust necessary for a long-term relationship where we can then provide for you even more IT support services and truly begin to bridge the gap between the business vision and IT performance.

If you are experiencing difficulty with any device, please call us and allow us to prove that we will provide superior service with our proactive IT consulting and certified technicians. Even if all you are seeking is a simple repair, the RCS Way helps to not only fully repair your device, but also allows us to put our business expertise to work and help us to ask the right questions that may lead us to discover other areas you may in fact need our help. Always going the extra mile and looking for more opportunities to serve you and your company so that it can perform at its highest efficiency with no worries is what we strive to provide.

Repairs for devices of all shapes and sizes can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially when dealing with technicians that don’t fully understand what you and your company need the repair for. This is why building a foundation and having a dialogue with you in order to better understand your business is so important so that there will be little to no worries about what is happening and how the repair will function once it is complete. Even beyond repairs if you have a project that you are beginning or are not satisfied with the consulting company that is working with you, RCS is ready and always eager to jump in and help. Please visit our Project Management section for more information.

Call us to see how reasonably priced our services are!