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Project Management

Call us when you want a project run correctly and on budget. You will be glad you did!

If you want help managing resources or IT assets during a move, upgrade, or any short or long term project, RCS can help. Having both experience and being versed in both business and technology, RCS easily bridges the gap between the business vision and IT performance, allowing you to focus on what you do best and manage your business through even the most hectic of moves.

Many of our new clients come to us with a project they want to have managed professionally and on budget. For example, we often get phone calls asking us to install and configure an Exchange Server that came as part of Microsoft’s Small Business Server software or as an add on to an existing Microsoft Server environment. Our project management services include gathering all of the background information required to insure a successful project, definition of an accurate budget for the project, and then the expertise to implement the project professionally and on-time. Being able to converse and learn about your business allows for us to create the most efficient and effective way to develop a customized management plans for your business and your staff. Developing customization and being as responsive to you and your business’ needs as is part of the RCS Way and how our certified technicians are trained to go about handling any and all projects you and your business may have.

Once RCS has managed one of your IT projects, you will be hooked on all of our services and what our certified technicians can further provide for you. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the hassle and burden of trying to juggle managing your business and create an effective and worthwhile project. Let us help and take on that challenge for you so that you can focus on what you love and take care of your business.

Once RCS has managed one of your IT projects, you'll be hooked on all of our services!