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What is a Webinar?

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A webinar is by definition is a meeting or a seminar conducted over the Internet. In this digital marketing era, creating fast, convenient, and informative content is increasingly becoming not only important but competitive as well. With so many ways to share information now there has to be a way to conveniently engage and inform all of your clients, right? Fortunately that’s where webinars come into play.

A webinar is an interactive live stream form of communication that allows for the viewers to ask questions in real time and observe a meeting or informative talk from virtually anywhere. Convenience and efficiency are the primary factors that determine whether or not people will participate in an event you and your company may be hosting. When used correctly, webinars can be a powerful tool to not just engage your clients, but to also educate them with information on products, services, or even best practices for utilizing a tool you offer.

“So can I just use YouTube to live stream videos of this sort of content?”

YouTube and other platforms such as Google Hangouts that connects to YouTube is a viable option to sharing content in real time, however the downside to these is that there is no interactive aspect and viewers can’t directly ask specific questions in the moment or truly engage with you. Maintaining a sense of approachability by being interactive and engaging is extremely important for retaining clients and even drawing in new prospect.

Building relationships and retaining clients can be an overwhelming and time consuming task for businesses, but with our resources and partners like Datto that supply webinar either consultation, equipment, or services we will help you grow and engage with your clients in the most effective way possible. To find out more about webinars you can always call us here at RCS and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive more insight through that.


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