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For Resource Computer Solutions the RCS Way is more then just a simple list of steps to follow whenever our technicians go out to help a client. It is a method carefully and specially customized for our clients and their businesses. The RCS Way is in a sense a code and standard we hold all of our employees up to for whether they are out in the field or working remotely from the office.

The RCS Way goes beyond the managed IT services that we provide. With this standard we strive to be as flexible and responsive as possible for all our customers and clients. We look at each client’s specific needs and create a dialogue with them to dive deeper and learn as much as possible about them and their business so that not only can we solve the initial issue they came to us about, but to also go above and beyond and provide further solutions for inconveniences they may not have known could be remedied or made to be more efficient.

Here at RCS with our powerfully proactive IT business experts, we understand that small businesses can have a tight budget and need a lot of consultation and are in need of various IT support services. With all this in mind our method was made so that we can relate to and in the most effective way possible create computer solutions and support for our clients and their small businesses. Resource Computer Solutions not only adjusts our way of thinking and approach for each individual client and their company, but also hears the concerns and fears of our clients with the dialogue we create with them and thus adjust and provide pricing that is fair and manageable for these businesses that may not be able to work with a fixed rate.

It is our passion and goal to provide the best quality customer service and IT support services as possible for our clients. RCS strives to create a safe environment where concerns of finances and struggles can be heard and solved with the appropriate solutions and consultations.

In conclusion the RCS Way is: flexibility towards businesses of various sizes and budgets, responsiveness to the plethora of problems and struggles clients can have, and connectivity to our clients by creating a dialogue to learn about them and their needs and form a relationship that will build trust and reliability.


By Resource Computer Solutions