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Is AdWords for Me?

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When you type in topics and questions into Google and click search you often are greeted with Ads at the very top of the results. No matter how good your SEO score is for your site these ads always take the number one spot. Why is that? The answer to this is simply because they are paid Google Ads. So it should go without saying that if you start buying and building ads with Google AdWords you’ll easily be able to snag the number one spot on searches, right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

Google AdWords appears to work like an auctioning system in that, you tell AdWords what the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on a single ad is so it will be displayed at the top, and if your budget is bigger then your competitors then you’ll get to take that spot. However it doesn’t work like this and it often frustrates many AdWords users as they continue to pour more and more funds into something that just isn’t working for them. The secret to AdWords is not just your budget but also how your ad is built and the links attached to it.

Google makes it a point to not just display relevant content and products to its viewers but also functional and pleasing content as well. Google AdWords will judge and compare three core aspects of ads to each other and then use the one that seems superior overall. What is being compared is:

1. Is your content clear and concise?
Your title and description must not hold an excess of special characters, ALL CAP LETTER STATEMENTS LIKE THIS, any excess use of emoticons, or exceed any character limits. Title limits generally are 60 characters in length while descriptions should be kept around and under 160 characters.

2. Do your links make sense and lead to the correct pages?
If your url link that leads to your site is extremely long and jumbled with letters and numbers Google will be extremely wary to display it as this is often a sign of spam. If your link also does not lead to the correct intended page or the page itself does not seem user friendly then Google will refuse to display the ad and tell you there is an error in the content.

3. Is your budget reasonable?
Now AdWords does take into account how much you are willing to spend but should your ad fall short on the other two criteria then it does not matter how large your budget actually is. Keep this in mind and don’t over spend on any ads. Starting with a small budget of about $1.50 is generally safer in AdWords then starting large with a budget around $10 per click for your ad.

A lot of consideration and strategy can go into Google AdWords and it can be a rather daunting task. So to the question, “Is this the time for your business to invest in AdWords?” a better question is, “Is your local SEO as strong as it can be?” You should focus on and make sure your local SEO and advertisement is strong and stable before moving onto the whole other beast that AdWords is known to be. Once you feel you have optimized that as much as you can, it will be less stressful to shift your attention to AdWords, which will demand a lot of your focus in the beginning.

Should you have more questions or need any help with AdWords then give RCS a call and we’ll be happy to give you a hand!


By Resource Computer Solutions