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How to Spot a Phishing Email

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Phishing emails are a common threat that plagues users across the digital world. With hackers becoming harder to detect, RCS has compiled a quick guide filled with advice to help you become a phishing identifying expert and stay ahead of the game! Whenever in doubt of the legitimacy of an email look over these quick tips or download our complete Phishing Guide at the bottom of the page to keep and share with your employees and friends.

Be Skeptical
Hackers love to mislead users with spoofed Display Names, Subject Lines, and Headers from well known businesses in order to lure in unsuspecting people.

Look Don't Click
You can preview an email before fully opening it so you can potentially spot danger before it’s too late! Remember to utilize this preview mode to keep your devices safe.

Signature and Greeting
Impersonal emails that address you as vaguely “Valued Customer” and a lack of contact details in the signature of the emails are red flags for a potential phishing email!

Spell Checking
Businesses take pride in their materials sent out to customers so it is often safe to assume that if there are blatant misspellings and poor grammar then this email is spam.

Aggresive Language
Fear is a powerful tool hackers use to make users send them information. Email’s threatening to shut down your account should be further investigated by contacting that company directly.

Opening Attachments
Hackers often hide malicious viruses in attachments so unless you were expecting to receive one or personally know the sender you should never randomly open them.

Covering Expenses
Often when a sender is starting to request for you to send them money for fees or other expenses this is a red flag for a phishing email and potential scam.

Private Information
Never send any sensitive or private information such as passwords, credit cards, or account numbers. Legitimate businesses will never ask for this through email.

You can never be too careful and we want you to have peace of mind while you go through your day and check your emails. If you have any questions or need further assistance past these steps don’t hesitate to ask and give us a call for a free consultation with one of our certified technicians!


By Resource Computer Solutions