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How to Plan Ahead

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From WannaCry to Bad Rabbit Ransomware, malicious malware attacks have started to become a more common threat to user devices worldwide. Even with cybersecurity growing stronger so are hackers. RCS understands the need for more understanding and knowledge of how to prevent ransomware attacks so we have compiled a quick guide to help you and your data stay safe!

Always have consistent and frequent backups done of all of your company’s data as disaster can strike at any time!

Custom Privacy
Create unique and appropriate privacy settings with the help of your IT staff or consultants to ensure the highest-level security for your devices.

Making strong and unique passwords that are different for every account is a great practice to increase security.

Attachments and Links
Be wary of suspicious links and attachments from unknown senders, as this is a common way to spread ransomware and other malicious viruses.

It’s important to have strong and reliable antivirus software installed on your devices to kill the potential threat before it even has a chance to enter.

Update and Patch
Keeping all software, programs, and plugins up to date is a great way to minimize security risks and keep hackers out.

Suspicious Activity
If at any time you notice activity on your accounts that seem out of the ordinary be sure to act fast! This could be a sign of a breach in security.

Questions and Help
RCS is always here should at any point you need help with these steps or need to set up your disaster recovery plan for your business. Call for a free consultation to get started!

RCS knows how important your data is and with our partner’s help we will find the best Disaster Recovery solutions tailored to your business. To get started call us at 909•949•9159 and receive the guidance you need with a free consultation with one of our certified technicians.


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