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How Should I Build My Site?

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When deciding to create a website for your business you need to start with deciding on a platform where all of your content will be displayed from. What sort of platform should you use though? Should you invest in building your own website from the ground up or should you use templates and build off of other sources such as Wordpress or Wix? There are pros and cons to both choices and every business and organization has different needs that need to be met for their website. To help you better make the decision on where and how to build your site, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Will there be a blogging section?
Blogging can be a great way to boost your website’s relevance with the consistent addition of new content that is added to a blog or news section on a site. However, you will need content that is both relevant to the client and also ties into what your business actually does and/or provides.

For a blogging portion of your site you will also need to decide how much control over this you want to have. If you desire to have complete control on when and who is posting the content then having a platform like Wordpress where you can easily create and publish blog posts whenever you login to your account may be the best option for you.

How specific is your design?
If you have a clear vision of what you want your site to look like and function as then having a web developer build you that exact site will be the easiest way to accomplish your website design goals. Using a platform like Wordpress or Wix can be extremely limiting and frustrating to customize completely within the confines of the templates they provide for you unless you are extremely savvy with that platform and coding.

How will you secure and host everything?
Platforms like Wordpress provide hosting and security for your website and are known for their convenience because of this. However, these platforms often need patching and frequent updates for their site templates and plugins, which can cause security holes if not done consistently. Handling these updates are not complicated but can become time consuming where as with your own site you have control over the hosting and security that is used.

Overall using platforms such as Wordpress are very convenient and easy to work with in terms of blogging. They are also a fast way to build and publish a site, especially if you or someone in your company has experience with the platform and some coding knowledge. However, these platforms are limiting in terms of customization and need frequent updates and patching for security purposes. Building your own website with the help of a developer will allow you to be free with your creative decisions and also set up a hosting and security plan that will not need frequent updates. Creating your own site or using a platform both have their good and bad points and should you need further suggestions on or have questions about what you are currently using then give us a call and we will help to find the best plan of action for you!


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