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How Does Outsourcing Work?

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"Should I outsource my IT support services?"
This is a question that is often asked by organizations of all sizes as they either just begin their journey or reevaluate their finances as they grow. The answer can differ between companies as they each have their own unique needs, and it is certainly true that not all assets should be outsourced. However, it is often found for businesses just starting out and on the rise that outsourcing their IT department is both cost effective and efficient for their organizations.

“How is it more effective to outsource IT instead of just hiring an in-house IT employee?”
A great question. The answer to this is that although it can seem more convenient to have your own IT employee with outsourcing you would have at your disposal a whole team of experienced technicians instead of a singular overworked tech that doesn’t have time to reconnect the printer because they’re working on the server… again. Managing entire networks can be cumbersome especially for small businesses with limited resources and tight budgets. Outsourcing IT services not only helps financially but provides a wider range of management abilities and resources for your organizations.

What if you have had your small IT department or technician for a while now and don’t want to replace them with an IT support team you aren’t familiar with though? Having a whole team’s experience and being able to cut down on costs sounds nice but you are more comfortable with having more control with the IT department your organization has. This is actually where RCS takes your concerns and preferences into consideration and gets to work. For RCS we understand that not all organizations want to outsource so we offer instead to work with and under your IT department so that you can not only keep the employees you are familiar with and trust, and also gain the experience and resources that RCS has to offer your IT department.

The way that RCS operates and provides the various customizable services we have available is by the use of third parties. Being no stranger to outsourcing, we not only train and certify our own technicians but also partner with multiple organizations such as Sophos, Datto, StorageCraft, and many others to compile tailored service packages and plans for businesses both small and large. If you’re still unsure if outsourcing is the solution for you or have any questions you need answered then give RCS a call at 909 • 949 • 9159 for a free consultation with one of our certified technicians and we’ll be happy to help.


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