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A Hacker's Perspective

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Cybercriminals lurk around every corner of the web working to access your information. What can you do though? How can hackers get ahold of all of this private and critical data in the first place? Many times the answer to this question is "Human Error". A good example of this would be with infamous Equifax Breach where a large amount of data was compromised by a cybercriminal just because an update was overlooked and neglected for too long, creating a hole in their security system. Another example could be that a coworker simply received a phishing email and clicked a link that they shouldn’t have. There's, unfortunately, more than one way for a hacker to slip through the cracks and start wrecking havoc on your devices and accounts with the help of flaws in security systems, patches that have yet to be made, postponed updates, and weak passwords.

Is there anything I can do?
Absolutely! A cybercriminal spends a large amount of their time searching for cracks in security that can be frequently caused by software that was in need of an update. Ensuring all of your software and devices remain up to date and receive all of the necessary maintenance and patching they require is an important first step to enhancing your security. However, what kind of software should your devices have in the first place? What solutions are there? With our partners, RCS provides a wide range of solutions and products for small to large sized businesses. One product that stands out and proves to be extremely valuable is our partner Sophos' Phish Threat product that not only educates your employees but also trains them to recognize potential email threats and what to do. Beyond training products, RCS also provides security solutions and malware prevention through our partners such as Intercept-X from Sophos as well.

Another important step for ensuring security is to have more than one email account for all of your profiles and accounts online. For example, your email that is used for all of your online shopping should be different from the email used for your bank account. Designating emails for specific accounts can help you separate out important information and keep them more secure as you are more likely to frequently use and expose your online shopping email address then the email address solely designated towards your banking account. However, designating accounts to certain emails and keeping software updated won't be very useful if, in the end, your passwords aren't very strong!

How can I better manage my passwords?
Creating passwords can be overwhelming and extremely hard to remember if you have multiple for multiple accounts. How long should it be? Can I reuse the same password? Where should I write down my passwords? There are a lot of questions when it comes to creating new and secure passwords for important accounts. A good general rule of thumb for password creation is to make it a phrase instead of the name of a pet coupled with the current year. Including numbers, capital letters, and a special character such as “!” or “?” also help to greatly strengthen passwords for your accounts. However, after making one strong password for one account you should not reuse the same password for other accounts! How are you going to remember so many different complicated passwords for all of your accounts though? By using a password manager! With the help of utilizing a password manager online and storing all of your important information into its vault, you will only have to remember the one password to gain access to your vault! Never write down or store passwords on your phone, as these are just trivial obstacles for a seasoned hacker to overcome.

Keeping your information safe can seem like a daunting task as hackers become more and more aggressive and clever online. However, there are plenty of ways for you to improve your security and keep your information safe! For even more tips or to ask any questions about Phish Threat to train your staff, or security and malware solutions like Intercept X, give RCS a call at 909•949•9159 and our certified technicians will give you a free consultation and answer all of your questions!


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