Cyber-crime is evolving as quickly as technology is progressing.

According to the FBI 2019 Internet Crime Report the last year saw 467,361 complaints reported in the United States with $3.5 Billion in losses.

Would you leave your door unlocked before heading to work in the morning and expect to come home to all your belongings where you left them and your personal safety in-tact? Similarly to your material belongings, all of your information that is stored online needs to be protected. Cyber-crime involves a variety of criminal activities on a computer network. If your data becomes accessible to a cybercriminal you are a victim of a cyber-crime. Security experts advise taking precautions that will deter these criminals. 

RCS recommends:

  • Establish a baseline and close your network’s vulnerabilities
  • Monitor the Dark Web for your private information
  • Require Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Update your systems and software regularly
  • Reduce spam and phishing attacks with email protection software
  • Back-up your onsite and cloud data
  • Encrypt files in motion, at rest, and on mobile devices
  • Implement mobile device security policies
  • Utilize AI monitoring systems or advanced endpoint security/detection (EDR)
  • Create a culture of security awareness amongst your employees
  • Strengthen your password policies and security
  • Include a firewall to build a strong line of defense which detection and remediation

A beneficial cybersecurity plan locks you and your client’s data away safely before cybercriminals have the chance to steal your information to leverage against you or sell on the dark web.

Cyber criminals illegally attain data from the comfort of their keyboards. It is a highly lucrative form of crime that has the potential to shut down your business within 6 months of an attack. When you do not prioritize cybersecurity practices as a part of your business model you are granting cyber criminals access to all of the data that you store.

Be proactive, not reactive in the fight against cyber-crime. With attacks happening every 39 seconds— it is no longer a matter of if, but when you will fall victim to a cyber-crime. Reduce the chances of a cyberattack and prepare your system for the day it happens to you.

If you are interested in learning how you can protect your business today contact RCS for a professional security assessment.

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