The impact of COVID-19 challenged traditional learning methods and accelerated the adoption of technology in the classroom. Students, teachers, and school faculty members quickly shifted to distance learning protocols early last year with virtual learning platforms to maintain educational standards and provide support to students despite school closures.

As we approach the 2020-2021 school year, please refer to your state and county guidelines for reopening instruction and protocols which are subject to change.

Reopening Protocol for K-12 Schools (County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Order of the Health Officer)

Virtual learning platforms connect everyone at your school so that communication and collaboration doesn’t have to stop, even off campus. Before beginning the new schoolyear evaluate how your current platform supported each department, and if changes need to be made to support the new learning model your school is adopting in the coming year.

If you are planning to return to campus or introduce a hybrid schedule meaning both in-person classes and virtual learning will be available, it is imperative that you implement a daily health screening system. Resource Computer Solutions can implement, manage, maintain, train your staff, and support the technological systems necessary to bring your students and staff back to campus safely.

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