Zoom is a video conferencing platform where teams come together to call, chat, and share files. Stay focused and maximize productivity while you work from home with all the tools you need to succeed with 2-easy steps! Step 1: Create a Zoom account for free! The Basic Plan includes the capacity to host up to 100 participants and conduct an unlimited number of meetings. Check out Zoom Pro, Business, or Enterprise for additional features for teams of all sizes. Step 2: Download Zoom Meetings software on your desktop or mobile device. Next, sign-in and you’re ready to go!

Zoom meeting on desktop working from homeNow that you have installed Zoom you and your team can work together anytime, anywhere. Here are a few tips to Zoom like a pro:

Use In-meeting Chat to Share Files and see what your team has been working on.

Secure your Meeting with a Required Password to join, enable Waiting Room to grant access or remove members when necessary, restrict meetings to only Authenticated Users, enable a Watermark on an audio or video call if the subject matter is sensitive, limit Screen Sharing to content from a specific application instead of your entire desktop to avoid accidental sharing.

Record your meetings to save as a reference, or send it to team members who missed out on all the fun.

Screen Share to offer a view of your desktop or a single file. Pause screen share at any time while taking a break or navigating to new content.

Whiteboard is an effective drawing tool that is easiest to use on touchscreen devices. Create marks as if you were in the same room to easily articulate notes.

Sync your calendar so you never miss a meeting by granting Zoom access to your calendar.

Keep Yourself Muted in large meetings just to safe in case your family walks in or your dog starts barking. When you’re ready to chime in simply press the space bar to temporarily unmute yourself.

Download Virtual Backgrounds to hide a messy room or the family members walking into the frame.

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*Zoom is providing access to more features to help support students and remote workers who have been impacted by COVID-19. Visit Zoom/COVID-19 to learn more.