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Through hard work and humble acts we hope to connect and make a positive impact in any way we can.

Resource Computer Solutions has the privilege of taking part in community activities and organizations and proudly shares all of our experiences here on this page! RCS strives to stay involved in the community around it and assist with its growth as we as a company also continue to grow ourselves.

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Resource Computer Solutions Claremont Stars Page Icon

Claremont Stars
Resource Computer Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of Claremont’s community soccer team, Claremont Stars. Learn more about this amazing city club and who they are in our post!

Resource Computer Solutions Giving Tree Icon

Giving Tree
Resource Computer Solutions is a proud participant in the Giving Tree program run by the nonprofit Foothill Family Shelter. Read more about what this organization is and what exactly they do in the community!

Resource Computer Solutions Advertising Opportunity Icon

Advertising Opportunity
Resource Computer Solutions is a proud sponsor for the live and silent auction of the Foothill Family Shelter and want to encourage other businesses in the area to take advantage of this unique opportunity to join us in supporting and advertising in this event!

Resource Computer Solutions Tech Talk Post Icon

Tech Talk
With all of this ever evolving and life changing gadgets and software around us it can seem extremely daunting and at times impossible to learn and keep up with especially for the older generations. This is where Real Connections from Community Senior Services comes in to help!

Resource Computer Solutions Supporting the Future Post Icon

Supporting the Future
Read about the amazing nonprofit National Core and their upcoming Gala Event in November 2, 2017 and get even more details about this opportunity to support them and the communities on their site here:

Resource Computer Solutions Live with Autotask Post Icon

Live with Autotask
Read about the amazing event RCS recently took part in and how we are moving forward with our newly gained MSP knowledge for our partners and clients!