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The Push For SSL

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We all know that SSL is important to have for websites and how it can greatly impact the success and discoverability of small to large sized business from all around. Search engines such as Google give helpful boosts to websites that have SSL installed which helps to increase their overall SEO score. Because of this push to entice users to trust and use SSL on their sites, Google is going to go a step further in June of 2018. For all sites that users either visit or search for on the Google Chrome browser that do not possess SSL on their site Google will begin to display a warning to users that the site is potentially unsafe and unprotected.

How does this impact me?
Users have been trained from very early on to recognize that websites with a green lock icon (an SSL certificate) are safe to browse and even make purchases on. However users do not always look for the security icon and still browse and look over sites without SSL. With this new push from Google though, this alert that the site they want to visit may be potentially unsafe will deter users from going to that site and instead think that there may be a possible virus waiting to infect their device. This could greatly impact website owner’s traffic to their site and also keep new potential viewers and customers from coming!

What should I do?
With this sudden change fast approaching the first thing you need to consider committing to for your website is obtaining SSL so when this update occurs your traffic won’t take a hit. Most host providers also provide SSL certificates such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, and even platforms like WordPress. There are even free SSL options for website owners out there such as CloudFlare, in case you are feeling hesitant towards purchasing a certificate with your host provider.

If you’re unsure on how to either where to purchase or how to install your new SSL certificate for your site then give RCS a call! Our certified technicians will consult and help you with both the purchase and installation of your new website security certificate and will make sure that your site keeps up with all of the constantly changing rules and updates of the online world.


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