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The Olympic Destroyer

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With the athletes starting strong in the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, the same cannot be said for their network! The Winter Olympics’ website took a frightening hit as a cyber attack came and affected not just their website but also their Internet and TV. System distributions suffered because of this but thankfully it was all restored and running again within 12 hours.

How did this happen?
With malware constantly evolving and being developed by hackers, this new strain of malware was able to use username credentials to gain access to the devices it wanted and begin destroying any and all information within the system it had entered into. This specific type of malware that only seeks to destroy data is called a destructive “wiper malware”. Being referred to by many as the “Olympic Destroyer,” this malware’s one and only focus was to take down its targeted network and systems and wipe all data instead of collecting or stealing any information.

The Olympic Destroyer has two unique files it uses which are referred to its browser credential stealer, and system credential stealer. By deploying these files this malicious malware was able to gain the level of access it needed to begin targeting backups to destroy and data to wipe. The end goal of the Olympic Destroyer is to render the system and machine completely useless and unable to start up again.

Who did this?
It is unknown who specifically let this malware loose within the Olympic website and systems, but suspects such as North Korea and Russia whom have a history of hacking and using destructive malware are being looked into.

Ransomware, malware, and viruses can all be an overwhelmingly frightening thing to have to think about especially when running a business with precious data stored away. With even the Olympics becoming a target and falling victim to malware it is increasingly becoming more important to create your disaster recovery and prevention planning for your organization before your systems are hit as well! 2018 is forecasted to be one of the worst years of ransomware attacks yet, and with that in mind we here at RCS along with our partners are ready to help defend and protect what’s important to you! Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll start increasing and strengthening your security now.


By Resource Computer Solutions