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Securing Your Facebook

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Social media platforms have been a consistently growing presence both on and offline around the world. Whether you have just one or multiple different social media accounts there are bound to be some concerns that come up along the way especially now with the Cambridge data breach that occurred with one of the largest platforms, Facebook. Who has access to my information? What is and isn’t safe to put online? Is there a way to secure my data?

Keep Accounts Separate
It is important to know and understand how your account is sharing the posts and content you are publishing. For example, the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook are linked and share information since Instagram is owned by the social media giant, Facebook. There are also many applications and websites that often provide the option to login by linking your Facebook account. Although this may provide ease of access and lessens the number of passwords you will need to remember, by agreeing to do this you are allowing the application to have access to your information on your social media account and now have a direct link to your Facebook.

The intention behind logging into applications with the use of your already created social media accounts such as Facebook was to provide a simple and easy way for users to gain access to all of their favorite apps. However, in practice, it provided more trouble then ease with the problem of users unknowingly sharing their data with all of these apps. Is there a way to prevent this though and still use all of your apps? Thankfully there is!

Controlling Who Accesses Your Facebook Data
Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting and sharing information, but you don’t want to grant access to just any app or website. This can be easily managed by going into your Settings and then selecting Apps and Websites found on the left-hand side menu. From there you will see a list of active apps that have access to your account information. You can then choose to remove their access, but be careful! If this is an account that you have created using the Facebook login process then you may lose that app’s current information stored on it since was made using your Facebook’s help.

Being cautious online with safe practices of managing apps and websites that have access to your social media’s information, never publishing your phone number or address, and also being careful to ensure only your trusted friends can see your content by making accounts either private or post content only visible to friends and family you can continue your online social media accounts without the concern that other sites and apps are abusing your personal information. However, if you suspect something is amiss it can never hurt to change and update your password to your account. If you have any questions or need any assistance with starting to secure your online presence then go ahead and give us a call here at RCS at 909•949•9159 and we’ll be happy to help!


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