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Securing Your Data

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With so much software, data, and programs to manage for your business, it can be overwhelming to try and ensure that all your critical data is kept safe from hackers and fatal viruses that seem to just be around every corner online. You franticly try to ensure everything is running smoothly and together, but how can you be sure that backups for all your different devices are all being completed?

To help businesses overcome these concerns, Resource Computer Solutions has partnered with StorageCraft to provide our clients with a suite of software. ShadowProtect SPX for data protection and recovery, ImageManager for verifying backups, and ShadowControl to centralize and oversee these products.

ShadowProtect SPX does an excellent job when it comes to protecting your business’ data and provides disaster recovery, in case the unthinkable should happen. Not only does this software provide one easy to manage backup that can be scheduled to run on regular intervals, but it also ensures all your data is protected with a recovery software solution for all your devices.

StorageCraft ImageManager is a no-cost-add-on to ShadowProtect SPX, it consolidates backup image files and provides verified backup images. ImageManager allows you to quickly see and verify the backups done through ShadowProtect SPX so there is never a question on whether a backup was completed.

StorageCraft ShadowControl’s whole purpose is to take StorageCraft products and make them as manageable as possible in one location, so that nothing stands between your business and optimal security and disaster recovery. With easy to use administration, ShadowControl gives you the power to organize and see everything is working together to guarantee all your important data is kept safe and is recoverable at any time. If you have any specific questions or would like to have an evaluation of your business disaster recovery and continuity plan by one of RCS professional staff, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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