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Every teacher needs to find ways to incorporate open-ended problems into their curriculum and work with students to develop their personal learning style to become effective problem solvers. Computer Science is a great place for these skills to be taught and worked on, but they need to be practiced and developed throughout the entire curriculum. Algorithms need to become part of every teacher’s vocabulary. Educators at every level need to spend time talking to students about their approach to solving problems and work with them to refine their process. Over time it will become second nature for both teachers and students. RCS can help you develop a scope and sequence that incorporates problem solving across the grades with technology and throughout every subject. Give us a call to find out how we can help.

A skill that is often overlooked and not nearly discussed or emphasized quiet enough as it should be is the skill of problem solving. “Problem solving is converting an actual current situation (the NOW-state) into a desired future situation (the GOAL-state),” (Rusbult). This skill is not only used tirelessly within the world of computers and technology, but it is also a skill that is utilized within schools and is slowly being emphasized within all classrooms and grade levels. What exactly does problem solving have to do with computers or even everyday life though? Resource Computer Solutions is here to answer that and reveal the great importance of this skill.

The growing generations of modern society are constantly being faced with situations where large tasks and obstacles are put in their paths be it either math homework or determining the best route for a road trip. Problem solving is something that needs to be implemented in order to achieve the desired end results of both large and small everyday events in life. However where is the best place to learn and hone such an invaluable skill as problem solving? Throughout your school career is in fact the best place to learn and train this attribute, and is in fact where you most likely have already begun learning it. Problem solving, “presupposes that students can take on some of the responsibility for their own learning and can take personal action to solve problems, resolve conflicts, discuss alternatives, and focus on thinking,” (Fredericks). It is often through courses such as math, science, and the frequent use of technology that these lessons and teachings on problem solving are emphasized. As an IT managing and repair company, one can imagine how much problem solving Resource Computer Solution employees do on a daily basis with clients.

How can problem solving be further incorporated into schools though? Through creating activities that cause the students to create stop and think through the assignment they are doing is incorporating problem solving. For instance, utilizing programs or activities that have pattern solving puzzles or word problems that have the student break down the situation and dissect the problem is allowing the student to strengthen and use their problem solving skills. Not all problems must include computer use in order to be modern and truly test and challenge students’ problem solving abilities. Essentially so long as students and adults alike are able to use algorithms, which are, “a step-by-step list of instructions for solving any instance of the problem that might arise,” (Miller) for situations that they run into and are faced with either in school or at work then their problem solving abilities are alive and well and have been ingrained in them effectively. As simple as it seems to teach and learn it is without a doubt one of the most important skills a teacher can provide for their generation of students as they go off into the world.



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