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Optimizing Your Facebook Page

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Social media has become a crucial marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. While not all social media platforms fit for every organization, Facebook Pages have proven to be quiet the exception to this and have become almost mandatory for any organization to have. To help optimize and make the most of your company’s Facebook Page we have created a simple guide just for you that’s filled with the basics on what your page should consist of to make it as successful and useful for you as possible.

Profile Picture
It is best to always use your company logo as it allows for brand recognition and creates familiarity with viewers.

Providing Information
Business hours, a brief about, services, prices, a concise mission statement, and a link to a website are each important pieces of a complete, strong, and useful company Facebook Page.

Create a unique @username for your Page to allow people to tag you in posts and find your company with more ease.

It’s important to pick the most accurate tags for your category portion of your page so that people can find you easily.

Update. Update. Update.
Consistent updates are crucial for any successful social media account. Having high quality content that is posted at a consistent time and day will establish reliability and credibility as you build trust with an active account.

Reaching Out
Add a “Contact Us” or “Call Now” button to your page so that viewers will be more prompted to reach out to your business.

Verify Your Page
This is how you can not only guarantee the authenticity of your page to clients but also begin cobranding with other company pages and start getting rid of any duplicate pages that may have been generated by Facebook without you knowing.

There are many pieces and parts to a Facebook Page so if at any point you need further assistance and advice give RCS a call at 909•949•9159 and receive the guidance you need to achieve social media success.


By Resource Computer Solutions