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Foundation of Branding

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So here you are! You have a great idea for a business and even a name for it but you are stuck with the question of, “How am I going to brand it?” Branding a business is an extremely important element as it is the first impression that clients will receive of your business and will be something that represents you in all forms of marketing and visual presentations. Branding allows for easy and quick recognition by people and creates an awareness of your business as it becomes more and more familiarized. It is because of this that a brand identity is so important and cannot be changed or altered too frequently in order to establish that consistency and recognizable presence to others.

Now that we’ve gone over why it is important, how and where are you supposed to start? It is important that before you start deciding on fonts or imagery for your brand to start of with fully understanding and writing down the values of your business and even writing a mission statement and tag line that truly encompasses everything you and your company stands for. The reason that this is the first step is because this will help you to understand how you wish to be represented and creates a foundation to start and grow from that can even be utilized throughout future marketing endeavors you may have.

The next step is to then determine what is and isn’t appropriate for your brand. What do I mean by this? Simply that for example, if you are running a company for divorce attorneys then you probably won’t want to use Comic Sans or Lobster as fonts so that you can be taken more seriously. On the side of if you want to use an image as the logo for your brand for your divorce attorney company then you most likely won’t want a rainbow colored happy face or a random image of a tree simply because you personally really like trees or happy rainbows.

Okay so you’ve decided what your foundation is and what’s appropriate for your brand. However what happens when someone else needs to use it for something such as putting it in an ad? What if they decide it looks better in a different color or a different font and color? All that careful decision making you did is now being changed. It is because of this that once you have decided upon your brand identity, a set of rules should be made on how to use your brand. This is called a brand manual. All companies with an established identity and logo have a brand manual just for situations such as the one described so that everyone knows what is expected of their brand and how they intend it to always be used.

Knowing your values and purpose, deeming what is appropriate, and establishing a standard and rules for your brand are but a few of the major points one needs to cover when branding their company. A lot goes into developing a good brand and a lot of questions can arise such as, what’s an appropriate color for my company? How will I know what the best font is? Why does the font even matter so much?! While developing your brand if you begin to get overwhelmed, don’t worry. Feel free at any time to contact RCS and ask for help with this sometimes extremely daunting task and even check out these examples of good branding and other helpful brand tips and tricks.


By Resource Computer Solutions