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Engineering Your Security | Part 3 | Baiting

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Constantly scanning your emails for signs of a phishing scam is an important habit to make, but what about the other forms of social engineering that are out there aside from just email? Two other forms of social engineering that are not as frequently discussed are known as Quid Pro Quo and Baiting. While phishing emails are still the most widely used and feared cybercriminal tactic at the moment, these other forms of Social Engineering can be just as dangerous and sometimes even more threatening than the others.

So what is Quid Pro Quo?
Quid Pro Quo attacks are when information, such as passwords or private account information, is requested in exchange for a type of service. Often this type of scam is done over the phone but can also be accomplished through email as well. A hacker will contact multiple people from a company either offering a service such as an IT audit, software update, or even some sort of compensation such as a prize in exchange for information such as passwords or usernames.

What about baiting?
Baiting is very similar to Quid Pro Quo expect instead of offering a service this tactic is known for attempting to entice potential victims with prizes, money, or some other form of an offer that seems too good to be true. This form of social engineering is often done over the phone and even in person with hackers posing as an individual giving away free products or prizes in exchange for information.

It is important for both of these forms of cybercriminal activity to keep your accounts and passwords safe and private at all times. A professional should never be requesting sensitive information over email since it is not a secure line of transaction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and investigate a little to make sure the person you are in communication with is in fact who they say they are before divulging anything private over the phone or in person. We here at RCS make it a priority to make sure you and your businesses data is secure at all times to keep hackers at bay! However, disasters do happen so with the help of our partners let us make sure you and all of your employees are aware, educated, and prepared for any mishap with the right disaster recovery plan customized to your needs. If you have any questions or want a consultation now, give us a call at 909 • 949 • 9159.


By Resource Computer Solutions