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Engineering Your Security | Part 1

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We’ve all had email scams come in and try to entice us to click a link or tell us how we’ve won a grand prize for some unknown contest and we just have to pay some fee or go to some site to claim our wonderful new award. Common emails like this are known as phishing emails and are also referred to as a form of Social Engineering. Aside from phishing emails though there are a lot of other types of Social Engineering that you may not have been aware of before or have unfortunately fallen victim to in the past. With a series of blog posts, RCS will go over what Social Engineering is and each type there is to keep you and your business aware and prepared against these threats. Starting with this post we will begin our Social Engineering Series and start sharing all we know about it for you!

So what exactly is this?
Social Engineering is a term used to describe techniques used by hackers and cybercriminals to entice users into sending them their private information and data so that they can then infect them with malware or send them to infected sites. They often use tactics designed based upon how they believe they can best manipulate individuals based upon what they know they will respond to such as a grand prize, a threat from the government, or a promise of some kind.

What types are there?
There are five common types of Social Engineering that you should be aware of and take precautions to not fall victim to. These five types are called Phishing, Piggybacking, Quid Pro Quo, Baiting, and Pretexting. While phishing emails are the most common form of Social Engineering they are also the most discussed and made publicly aware. You most likely already know to look out for red flags such as poor spelling and grammar in emails from unknown senders as also mentioned and further discussed in this phishing guide. However in this post series we will go over some of the less well-known Social Engineering tactics.

Throughout these upcoming posts within this series that RCS will be creating we will go into depth on each type of Social Engineering that is out there, how to avoid them, and what to do should you fall victim to either of these attacks from hackers and cybercriminals across the web. If you have any questions or inquires about Social Engineering give us a call at 909 • 949 • 9159 and one of our certified technicians will give you a free consultation with all of the answers and information you need.


By Resource Computer Solutions