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What is DARPA?


If you have an interest in discussing ways to incorporate the history of computer science, robotics, engineering, or programming into your curriculum don’t hesitate to call, send a note, and learn more about this ever evolving field through the DARPA website and read more about it in our post!

What is DARPA? What could this acronym possibly stand for? And how could this possibly have anything to do with me? Resource Computer Solutions is here to answer all of those questions and more as we investigate and look into what this organization is and why it is so important to society today.

Disaster relief is the main and primary focus of this challenge in which these machines are made to function and perform life saving tasks that humans cannot withstand. “Some disasters, due to grave risks to the health and wellbeing of rescue and aid workers, prove too great in scale or scope for timely and effective human response,” (Orlowski). This is where DARPA comes into play and how it is so important to society today as they continue to create and put to the test robots that can potentially save the lives of countless individuals in disaster situations.

The DARPA Challenge isn’t the only project that this organization focuses on though! Not only being responsible for taking tremendous strides in technology by producing, “innovations [including] the internet; RISC computing; global positioning satellites; stealth technology; unmanned aerial vehicles, or “drones”; and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), which are now used in everything from air bags to ink-jet printers to video games like the Wii,” (Dugan). With such an outstanding past record of success one has to ask what more could DARPA possibly expand upon? Well this question is easily answered as they continuously prove that there is always so much more to create and help society with. For example one of DARPA’s most current projects that they are undergoing is BOLT, or also known as Broad Operational Language Translation. This amazing program is, “exploring ways to allow translation and linguistic analysis for both online and in-person communications,” (Bender). With this program, language barriers between people from all around the world could potentially be broken and create entire new communication possibilities.

DARPA is an incredible organization that stops at nothing to innovate and push the boundaries with technology and what can be accomplished. The future holds many mysteries and uncertainties, but one thing that is certain in societies future is that DARPA will be there with new bold and mind blowing inventions and programs to greet the day.



By Resource Computer Solutions